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As the industry’s only physician-developed training, NovaLash courses place a special emphasis upon theory and the science behind the procedure to deliver high standards of health and safety.

Students will gain access to NovaLash’s patented Platinum Bond adhesives, exclusive to those who become NovaLash Certified. Platinum Bond adhesives are flexible, oil proof, extremely durable and are proven non-toxic.

Students also learn NovaLash’s unique technique which prevents damage to natural lashes and guarantees longer-lasting results. NovaLash students at every level graduate with a proven system for success behind them.

If you need help deciding which class is best for you, email us at query@novalashindia.com

Lash artists are provided with a range of training and certification options to suit their preferences: Classic, American Volume, and London Volume.

For beginners, It is mandatory to attend an in- person Classic class to establish a strong foundation.
Experienced lash artists have the flexibility to choose between in-person or virtual training options. They can opt for Classic Conversion and American Volume Classes, both available in-person or through Zoom, allowing for seamless accessibility and convenience.

We offer the London Volume course specifically designed for experienced volume lash artists. This course is available as a self-paced online learning option allowing you to progress at your own speed and convenience.

We provide exclusive discounts to individuals who have previously undergone training with NovaLash or have completed volume training with other brands.

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