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Why Choose NovaLash?

Experience the difference (NovaLash Vs Other)

Since its establishment in 2004, NovaLash has continuously distinguished itself in the industry through its exclusive patented technology and application methods. Voted #1 more times than any other lash brand, NovaLash’s supremacy is acknowledged among critics, consumers, and lash artists alike. Discover the compelling reasons why NovaLash is the preferred choice for intelligent people. Remember to #askforNavaLash at your next lash extension appointment and see the exceptional quality firsthand.

Safety First - NovaLash Sets the Standard

At NovaLash, the safety and health of your eyes and lashes is high-priority. Founded in 2004 by molecular biologist and cosmetic chemist Sophie Merszei. Our mission revolves around raising your natural beauty with safe and bio-compatible eyelash extensions and adhesives. Through extensive research on the natural lash growth cycle, Sophie and her team of physicians and scientists have carefully developed products and techniques that prioritise the well being of your natural and beautiful lashes. With NovaLash, you can confidently enjoy eyelash extensions whole the year without damaging your natural lashes.

NovaLash Eye Extensions proudly becomes the first brand in the industry to use a human-safe adhesive to attach extensions to natural eyelashes. Our lash artists undergo specialised training in physician developed, damage free techniques to ensure the highest level of care and safety. In contrast, many competitors also trust on industrial grade adhesives, which can result in long term damage, irritation, and discomfort to natural eyelashes.

Life Friendly Extensions - NovaLash offers comfort and durability

NovaLash’s standout feature is its immediate recovery, allowing an immediate return to daily activities without downtime. Its unique formula ensures daily cleansing of lashes and extensions is safe, promoting both eye health and the durability of your lashes. NovaLash extensions are instantly waterproof, oil proof, and sweat proof, which sets them apart from other brands. 

Another basic principle of NovaLash is if you have get your lashes done by  NovaLash, so you can enjoy your daily basics activities like you can freely clean your lashes or you can wash your face  or apply oil based products on your eyes every day without any fear of damage or loosing lashes. Because keeping your lashes clean is very important for your eyes. NovaLash is the only brand who ensures you of your eyes health and lash longevity.

Superior Durability - Experience Long-lasting NovaLash Extensions

Experience the durability you desire with NovaLash lash extensions, which can last up to an impressive 8 weeks, more than twice as long as the leading competitor! This remarkable longevity has been scientifically validated through a double-blind study, highlighting the superiority of our patented NovaLash Platinum Bond® adhesive in strength, longevity, pigmentation, texture, and curl.

In addition, applying these extensions using our unique NovaLash Technique ensures they shed gradually with a natural-looking finish thereby enhancing your confidence while you adorn them. To help discerning clients understand more about what sets us apart at NovaLash, we present The ‘NovaLash Challenge’. Explore this resource for comprehensive insights into our exceptional methodology.

Where Can I Get NovaLash Eyelash Extensions Done?

Your safety comes first:
We want you to know that we are the only authority Distributor of NovaLash in India. You can find us at E-263, Basement, Greater Kailash – II, New Delhi, Delhi, India, Pincode – 110048.

Contact us – +91-9667764655

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